Whisky Academy

Whisky Glass

Two hour seminars

12-20 people
4 whiskies are tasted at each course.


  • Scotch Whisky 101: What is a Single Malt? Making process, Tour of Scotland: the 4 main whisky regions
  • Explore Islay malts: The Kingdom of Peat
  • The Bourbon World: History: Why Kentucky? Ingredients and Making Process
  • Irish Whiskey: the Triple Distillation, Tour of the most famous Irish Distilleries
  • Whiskies around the World: US, Canada, Taiwan, India, Ireland, Scotland
  • Lost and closed distilleries in Scotland

Full seminars

Each seminar is followed by a tasting of 4 whiskies

5 week Single Malt Scotch Whisky seminar

  • Week 1: Scotch Whisky- Single Malt: History, Ingredients and Making Process
  • Week 2: The Lowlands
  • Week 3: The Highlands – Western Highlands – Orkney Islands
  • Week 4: Speyside
  • Week 5: Islay, Arran and Campbelton

3 week Bourbon whisky seminar

  • Week 1: History; ingredients and making process, the importance of the cask
  • Week 2: Straight Bourbon – Small cask
  • Week 3: Straight rye Bourbon

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