Wine Academy

Private Courses

Wine Tasting

Seminars are based on 3 hour sessions. Each course is followed by a tasting of 4 wines related to the theme.

Minimum of 12 people – Limited to a maximum of 15
Time: to be determined with the host.
Venue: to be determined with the host.

Examples of available courses (courses can be customized to fit class interests):

Introduction to Wine – 2 weeks

  • Week 1: History, Elements of Oenology, Grape Varietals, Tasting Techniques
  • Week 2: The Terroir, the Old Continent: Global Presentation, Tasting Techniques

Price: $50/person. Couples: $90

The Old World – 5 weeks

  • Week 1: History, Geology, Overview
  • Week 2: Tour de France
  • Week 3: Spain: From Rioja to Jerez
  • Week 4: Italy: From Veneto to Sicily
  • Week 5: Portugal from the Douro to the Algarve; The World of Port Wines

Price: $250/person. Couples: $480

The New World – 5 weeks

  • Week 1: USA: New York, Washington, Oregon, California, Tasting
  • Week 2: Canada: Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia
  • Week 3: Chile, Argentina
  • Week 4: Australia, New Zealand
  • Week 5: South Africa

Price: $250/person. Couples: $480

Corporate Events

Wine Tasting Notes

Seminars based on a two hour presentation. Six wines are featured.
8 participants and more.
Wine and fresh sliced baguettes included.

Examples of themes:

  • A grape varietal around the world: six wines tasted
  • A wine country of your choice and its most relevant wines
  • Why ageing wines? – Best cellaring wines – Investing or Consuming?
  • The Bubbly World: Prosecco, Cava, Crémants and Champagne

Prestige Tasting themes

  • Super Tuscans, Bordeaux Cru classes, Californian Icons
  • The Fine World of Champagne
  • Prestigious sweet wines

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